Finding the Process

proc·ess — a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Running is very much a process — you’ve probably heard that before. Some days are great. You’re running on rainbow colored clouds and feeling unstoppable. Nothing can get you down and 100 miles doesn’t seem that far because today, you’re superman. But what happens on those days when it isn’t easy? When you just can’t get in the groove or maybe you’re like me — stuck running roads because all the trails are iced over but you absolutely hate running roads so it’s a mental struggle just to put on the shoes.

I have always struggled this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good 2 hour snow-slog up a mountain side. In fact, I love running in the winter. The quiet trails, slower pace, wintery landscape. But theres those times when the temps bump up and the trails turn to ice and I stay in side to avoid the roads. To me, no running was better than running on the road. Until recently…

Feeling myself lose what I once had for running was a tough realization. I wasn’t loving the process — the simple act of getting out and moving. I was so focused on the small things and lost sight of the larger picture — the beautiful process. All the small pieces that go into building a goal. So instead of being bitter about the conditions on the trail, I found solace and beauty in the road. Like a new runner, I was bounding up the road, the miles ticking off without much notice. As I hit my doorstep and stopped my watch, I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy. I felt that I was finally back to loving the process of running.

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