Tuur — I’ve come to know you as a thoughtful and insightful analyst of the crypto-scene, so thank…

You’re completely missing the point. These are massive companies that are authoritative in their domain and considered authoritative by the common consumer.

Although it is also debatable that they do not have greater insight or clarity as to the future of Ethereum, they are implementing enterprise-level solutions that use the Ethereum blockchain. This vote of confidence / approval at this scale is something that Bitcoin has never received. The Bitcoin community has celebrated when even one of these companies gets on board with / begins accepting Bitcoin. And with more and more companies quietly dropping their support of Bitcoin, this is a pretty big deal.

Oh and this is only the first round of announcements of companies on board with the EEA. I’d argue that a lot of executives are aware that there are huge cost savings by using blockchain technology (there have been enough whitepapers by the big / elite x consulting firms to support this claim), and they all suffer from FOMO just like the rest of us.

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