I talk all the time with other developers about productivity in a data-less sort way. “I felt Really productive today!” or maybe “I don’t feel like I’ve been able to accomplish anything all week except emails!” I knew there was a way to instrument up tools to tell me how productive I was on a certain day or where all the time was going but I just never found the time to research how and set it all up.

After chatting with a friend about a product called “RescueTime” aimed at data driven analytics on how you can reclaim your time and make it more productive I reached a breakthrough. …

I wanted to share a career goal planning method that I have found helpful. After trying several different methods (Sticky Notes, Index Cards, special notebook) I have landed on something dynamic and well organized enough to work for me. I used Trello.com to lay out all these different pieces. Check out the link to the board to see what it looks like: https://trello.com/b/2GyDG9Zz

Career planning task board

Walking through each of the pieces, it starts on the left with overall goals. I found this helpful to think in timelines of 1/3/5 year goals. First I reflected on what I am looking for in my career and found 3 goals with some wild guess at a timeframe as shown in the image below. …


Zack Koppert

Software Leader with a ❤ for Open Source

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