Adding Value in a Relationship

I was having a conversation yesterday with a close female friend of mine about our past relationships and the subject of adding value to someone else’s life came up. We had two different understandings of how and why it is important to look for a person who can add value to your life when finding someone to be with.

My friend believes adding value is being able to fill in the gaps where your counterpart lacks and that is how a relationship balances itself out. Although I respected her point-of-view, I disagreed. If you think about, is it really fare or healthy for a person with patience to be with an inpatient person? Should a positive person have to cope with a negative person for the sake of “balancing” their relationship? The term balance has been pushed into so many minds by society that people have now found a way to use this term as a cure to obstacles in their life. Sounds to me that using balance leads to being average in every area of one’s life, especially in relationships.

I believe that people should try to be great in every area in their life such as their finances, becoming healthier, strengthening their spirituality/religion, becoming a better parent and so forth. How can someone add value to your life? By Being a great partner and helping you enhance all areas of your life as well experience new things you may have never experienced had that person never stepped into your life. Now, I’m sure there are other important aspects that go into having a healthy relationship, but this was just my two cents on how I perceive value in a relationship in a short summary.

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