How Much Have You Learned Since the Last Time You Passed Out?

“How much have you learned since the last time you passed out?”

Read that to yourself, but answer dishonestly.

Why? Because it hurts. Honesty is one of those things that we tend to avoid when recanting stories with old friends. Because it hurts. Or maybe, because it’s boring. We say to ourselves “It hurts and its boring, no thanks”. Things that were 6 feet suddenly become 25 and so on. However, in the midst of good relationships. Honesty is demanded. What’s different? The tables have suddenly turned, the exposure of dishonesty leaves us feeling pretty awful. Honesty is a blessing.

Bring in the honesty.

Your eyes fade to black each time you fall asleep, and turn to color when you awake. Unless you have insomnia or a disease where your eyelids are open all the time. For which I am truly sorry.

For the other 7.1 billion of you, I ask, what have you learned since the last time you fell asleep?

Much? Pat on the back.

Not much?

Go change your answer.

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