Black Magic

2017 as already given out some pretty incredible L’s. Instagram, Twiter and Snapchat remind me of an elementary playground. Full of bullies, love stories and really meaningless games. All of which attempt to provide some sort of validation. Social media is that friend holding you back from swinging when you know damn well that you’re not going to do anything. Drake and Meek well mainly Drake capitlalized on their fued with wildly successful diss-tracks and now everyone is tyring to do the same.

Only bored retail employees (like myself) or fuccbois (also possibly me)have time to bother with all this nonsense. Worldstar is even starting to platform the digital version of slap boxing. Everyone is getting in on the fun. Radio personalities, producers, strippers etc. Its a vortex that even my adoral can’t save me from.

The verdict is still out on just how much these artists are making by off the constant stream of drama. Soulja will have to subtract any earnings from his most recent L that cost him 20k. There is defintetly a financial agenda attached to all of this. It is pretty disgusting that black men would fund millions of dollars to have other black men fight over something of no real value. Not to mention that black men themselves have a price in which they can be bought to destory their community. It is pretty primitive process of conflict resolution the modern age we are living in. Meek drives this point home with the additon of the ever so common objectification of women.

Conflict happens now and then but has anyone noticed how this is not happeneing as frequently in other genres aka white people? I mean the last white person I can remember squaring up is Justin Bieber to Desiigner at 1Oak in New York a while back. Which by the way JB was pretty savage.

Yesterday P Diddy took his Snapchat to give a PSA regarding all the cooning taking place these days. Going as far to suggest he is going to forego social media for the time being. That’s a big deal given Diddy’s networth bewteen all his brands is well over 700 million. In an Instagram video Diddy he describes the power of black magic. He emotionally pleads with black people in the industry to serve the greater good.

By no means has social media beef turned into the deadly reality we saw in the 90s. Rapper’s posts have led to arrests, raids and in some cases even charges. Regardless of the charges being dropped. Fake guns or real guns. Black men are putting themselves in handcuffs. Voluntarily submitting themself to a flawed judicial system. Ultimately a new form of black on black crime.

Needless to say envy doesnt look good on anybody. Espeically if you are weraing two Gucci belts a diamond rollex on each wrist and christmas ornaments around your neck. That’s certainly not the black magic its simply compensating for inescurity.

Sadly the internal degridation is not new for our community. We cant blame others for someting we have done to ourselves. As the saying goes when you point one finger you are pointing three back at yourself.