Why I wasn’t surprised with the election results.

It’s been a week since the election results. The country is in turmoil to a level that hasn’t been seen since the civil rights movement. Large groups in cities across the country are protesting Trump. My friends back in New York were shocked by the results. Me, not so much.

With my job I travel all around the US and I could see a the Trump presidency happening for a few months now. I have recently driven over 30,000 miles throughout the North, South, and Midwest of the United States. I have spent the night in over 30 states. Along the way I’ve had conversations with many people in hotel lobbies, bars, schools, and more than a few Applebees. You unfortunately learn to appreciate Applebees when you’re on the road, jumping from one depressing stripmall to the next. I got to hear from the many people in this country that were being ignored by the media.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Whether you watched the news, late night talk shows or Comedy Central you would think Hillary was a shoe-in. Had I never left the bubble of New York City I’d say Trump didn’t stand a chance in hell. Like many I thought the idea of Trump winning, was laughable. I quickly learned during my travels that it wasn’t so far fetched. It was very apparent how little support Hillary had. For every Hillary bumper sticker I saw, I had seen 20 Trump bumper stickers before and after that. I saw more “Hillary for Prison” signs on lawns then ones in support for her. I would tell my friends back at home what I was seeing and they brushed it off claiming that Trump supporters were just louder and more obnoxious than Hillary supporters. I wanted to believe that.

After having countless conversations with people in rural America it got harder to believe that what I was seeing was just a result of Hillary supporters being more reserved. For example I had a man in a Fargo Applebee’s tell me that he had heard “Hillary has had more women in bed than Bill.” “Oh yeah, who told you that Bob?” I asked. It was just something Bob had heard around town and that was one of the reasons Hillary wasn’t getting Bob’s vote. I had a police officer in Tennessee tell me he was voting for Trump because he couldn’t vote for someone that doesn’t support the police. I don’t recall Hillary being anti-police but that was the rhetoric being told to law enforcement. The most suprising one was the support from my hotel cleaning woman in Tenessee. A black woman that politely asked me if I thought a car detailing kit would be a good gift for his 17 year old son. We talked for a while and it eventually came up that she supported Trump. She said that she liked Trump’s honesty. When I asked her about all the sexiest things Trump has said she told me, “I’ve know woman that say worse things about men." Sure that may be true but the thing with that is that Michelle at the hair salon isn’t running for president.

These are just a couple of the the many conversations I had with the people around the country. What I learned once I got out of my bubble is that not every place is New York City and more importantly not every place wants to be New York City. Yet somehow we just elected the opitome of a New York elite as our President. I’m terrified to see what the outcome will be.