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I was lucky enough to get enrolled into the UX class at General Assembly via my company. Although the class is a bit pricey I honestly feel that the experience and the knowledge gained helped skyrocket my career in UX.

My wife was working with someone who was interested in UX and General Assembly so I thought I’d share my conversation here, as it can help those who feel like they are interested in UX and General Assembly.


What did you do before GA? Was it an easy transition or did it take a lot of work (ie completely…


As I’m sure most of you are aware, more than a million Hawaiians recently experienced a terrifying cell phone alert that a ballistic missile was incoming. It turns out this was due to the operator of the alert system accidentally pressing the wrong button. However, if you take a closer look below at how the alert system was designed, can you really blame the operator? Yes, there is training and testing done with the system, but would you know which button to press from the image in the link below? Did you know the employee on that system had been…

Zach Geist

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