Aaron. Series Intro. Documenting IronMan

The Real Iron Man Himself, Aaron Eicher.

I had an amazing afternoon interviewing this guy Aaron Eicher … Aaron is a #father #veteran #marine #triathlete #ultrarunner #husband #purpleheart recipient and an amazing #friend.

I’ve known him for five years … 3 hours later, at a Caribou Coffee(Caribou Coffee) we made it half-way through. He shared … I listened, asked questions, learned and processed his story. The story behind the smile is a true fighter and a Marine who is always moving forward.

I am honored to share with you an 8 Part “Blogography” of content on his journey Titled: “It’s Not Easy Being Green” … I will be releasing it over the next month piece by piece.

Aaron tacked a 10 mile progressive loaded rucking event shown in this picture at a Forward for Victory fitness challenge (@forward4victory)

Two weeks before the event I called him and said, “Hey Aaron, I have the 5 mile division but I secretly have a 10 mile that I thought you might want to tackle.”

His response, “I’m 30 days of a lengthy triathlon, not sure if I’m recovered.” [I waited in silence for 6 seconds]. Then he stated, “Ah f*ck it, let’s do it.”

He did 10 miles in under two hours with a weighted pack that went from 10#’s to 45#’s over the duration of the weight.

Aaron is Iron Man. Bones of steel. Iron Mind.

I’m finding in myself the stronger desire to share people’s stories through written word, to eventually move to podcasts and video too. There are so many people out there that just don’t realize the value they bring to others whom are simply going through the same story but feel isolated and alone.

Story doesn’t have to build bridges to connect people — rather it slams continents together and acts more like the collision of plate tectonics. In many ways story and honesty moves beyond motivation and challenges the mind to “do” rather than simply “ponder on what-ifs.”

But this takes effort. You have to find time to interview interesting people. Draw the story out. Humbly attempt to be the voice of those people. Articulate emotion, pictures, pain, positively, the facial expressions during the interview, the character of the person you are trying to create for your audience to connect with through your words.

It’s about the process #GaryVee … If you don’t love the process there isn’t enough motivation in the world that will empower you to honorably tell someone else’s story.

The other side is fact digging, relating your interviewee, not being romantic in forcing the story to be compelling, allowing the story to speak for itself and release your audience to draw their own impact from the voice your are speaking for.

I’m processing all these things as a story teller and loving every minute of it.

Aaron’s Story … The story on the other side of the feet pounding the pavement — will look at how Aaron used his love for movement and running that has taken him around the world running marathons and competing in triathlons for causes to move forward from his battle wounds both visible and invisible.

Deuces up.

Welcome to documenting my journey.

And to the output I’m hoping will empower you to simply be a better human.