The UK Founder, James Stewart donating consoles and games at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London

Help us better hospital patients lives with video games

Ever since I was a young teen I knew I wanted to be part of many charities when I grew up. As a child I was often in and out of hospitals and it was exhausting. Thanks to charities that helped me with my growth and health then, I am much more abled, and forever to this day I owe them so much. I want to give back not only to those charities, but to lots of other worthy causes too.

Throughout my life I’ve raised funds and donated to the charities that helped me, but I’ve also been looking into working with other organisations that need help, and I’ve finally found one that I think I can be an asset to.

Get-Well Gamers UK is an early stage charity that accepts donations of consoles, games, and accessories, as well as monetary donations. They are currently linked up with over 35 hospitals across the UK. (If you’re in the States, you can donate to our sister charity.) Whether you have a new Xbox One or an old Atari we accept it all, and use it to help boost children’s morale. Consoles can be used in communal areas by people of all ages to help encourage playing together and friendship, while handheld consoles can be used in patient’s beds.

Being in a hospital all day is not only boring, but it can be frightening, and frustrating when you feel you are missing out on a normal life. It’s easy to be sad, despite the nurses and doctors doing a great job. Anything that provides entertainment increases happiness, and there is the added benefit that high morale is linked to better fighting of illnesses. As the article says:

A study of 21,000 cancer patients attending clinics in Scotland found that major depression was far more common than in the general population. Nearly one in seven lung cancer patients was suffering from clinical depression compared with one in 50 across Britain.
Prof Sharpe said too much attention had been paid to helping people to live longer without addressing their quality of life.

With that said, now I’ve joined. I’m currently raising money, and looking for games and consoles for St Richards in Chichester, but there are people all around the country raising for your local areas.

Do you have games you no longer play? A console that’s not used, perhaps in the attic? A little bit of money you’re willing to donate? Everything is welcome and very gratefully received.

Donate to Get-Well Gamers UK now!