is used widely on mobile apps and it supports both camera scan and manual entry.
Vivian Cromwell

Thanks for these thoughts, Vivian!

Re 1: Yep, agreed. We’ll actually have this in the next release in Chrome M54. We actually support it inside of Chrome on Android right now in general. When you focus on a credit card field, there’s an option to “Scan a new card” which uses OCR. Unfortunately you typically can’t get around the CVC problem, because the CVC is (in most cases) on the opposite side of the card. That said, I would love to replace the CVC step.

2. We do support Android Pay out of the box! We’ll be adding some more documentation soon about how merchants can get started. We don’t support detecting if a certain 3rd party payment app (e.g. Android Pay) is supported. Our hope is that a merchant will enable it and for users that have it set up, it will be available as a way to pay. We’re considering exposing a way to see if a user has a given payment method available, but as you noted, there are some privacy concerns there.

3. The PaymentRequest API by itself supports the collection of this information. For that we leverage Chrome’s autofill data. Any further thoughts on why the current Apple system is terrible?

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