My 5 Takeaways after the Democratic Debate

So the Democratic debate was this week. It was, well, quite the specticle only Las Vegas could produce. The “intro” to the debate was laughable at best, and I enjoyed that Anderson Cooper put on his black frame glasses to move from pre-debate commentary to debate moderator. I will say that millenials probably used to laugh at that drunk uncle who always complained about the “Clinton News Network” (CNN), but if they ever wanted to re-up the slogan they were successful this week. Seriously, 18 minutes after the debate “started” before a single candidate even spoke? I digress. But let’s get to it, my 5 takeaways:

1. Hillary looked like the best against a terrible field

There’s no disputing Secretary Clinton won the debate. The problem is one could hardly call that an actual debate. It was more like the Hillary show with guest stars Bernie Sanders and 3 random Joseph A. Bank suit models. To say she was well prepared or strong on policy is a joke because all she did was yell into the microphone about how the Republicans were out to get her. I’m currently playing a tiny violin next to ear for all her whining.

2. Run Joe Run

Unlike every other political reporter, I strongly believe there is plenty of room for Biden to jump in this race. Hillary is strong on the issues, they said. She boxed Biden out, they said. I think otherwise. The problem with Hillary tacking so far to the left shows that she’s just an opportunist who will say whatever needed in a campaign to win the top job. And with Senator Bernie Sanders not willing to take the big punches at Clinton, Biden has the experience and ability to come in and start swinging. It’s one thing to just be a senator lobbing negative one liners, it’s another to be THE Vice President.

3. Jim Webb should be a Republican

No one embodies the ideal Reagan Republican…I mean Democrat, more than Jim Webb. Even though his immigration policy and tax policy is too far left of Jon Huntsman for today’s GOP, his stance on guns, national security, and balanced budgets was more to the tune of the radical middle than the #FeeltheBern left wing crowd. If he was running as a Republican he honestly might be ahead of Jeb! or Rubio.

4. Sanders can’t be contained

What debate? Bernie flew into Vegas dropping truth bombs taking down casino owners, corporations, and every millionaire and billionaire you could find. Even though the gun control question created a small tussle between him and Clinton, Bernie shut down the house when he said no one else cared to hear about her email controversy. While he’s wrong about this, it was an amazing mic drop moment for him. But he really didn’t need the debate, because Sanders finished the week with rallies in California and a segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Hillary who?

5. O’Malley for VP or nah?

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley looked more like he was auditioning for VP than the top job. He sputtered and got caught up on his own answers, making it seem like he hasn’t really ever given a stump speech, much less had debate prep. He had a terrible answer when pushed about being the mayor of Balitmore, which has seen enormous amounts of unrest and racial tensions this year, no thanks to his policies. My only question after the debate is whether he will exit the race before Lincoln Chafee…

I know I’m biased and I watched the debate mostly as a drinking game, but there was one great takeaway. The Democrats finally had a debate, while the Republicans prepare for debate number 4. Democracy in action, y’all.