Three Takeaways from the Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

  1. Littlefinger’s Influence on Sansa.

It opens up with a monologue from Littlefinger and throughout the whole two-minute trailer the only time we see Petyr is a still of him creeping from behind a doorway. This is classic Petyr: lurking in the shadows yet still probably the most important player in this Game of Thrones. “Don’t fight in the north or the south. Fight every battle every where always in your mind.” Will these be Littlefinger’s final words to Sansa as she leads a new crusade with Jon? It’s hard to ignore Littlefinger’s cunning perceptiveness which Sansa has seen and learned from firsthand.

He is always one step ahead of the others fighting for the throne. Hopefully his advice and the time spent fighting for herself leads Sansa to be the brains of the northern front with Jon as the bran together they could lead the Starks back into a place of power.

2) We have a return of the character Beric Dondarrion.

The Brotherhood without Banners have been under-the-radar the past couple of seasons but we should not quickly forget their power. One of the first instances where the viewer is able to witness supernatural events is during the duel between their leader, Dondarrion, and the Hound, where he seemingly comes back from the dead. Now he returns with a sword that catches fire almost the way a jedi starts up his lightsaber. Will Melisandre join forces with him? As of right now they don’t have the firepower to bring down any household but they have something true. Their god works for them and this is how they can gain followers. Religion is one of the many things under-the-surface that is bound to come boiling up at some point in the show and with two seasons left those latent aspects are certain to make an impact.

Another part of the show that most of the characters don’t want to address are the Others. Jon knows how dangerous and quickly approaching this threat is but everyone else is so caught up in the war over the throne. Everything that has been building for the past six seasons could come to a crushing halt if the Others start to break through to Westeros and people are still ignoring Jon’s call to arms. Cersei’s recent execution of everyone that she despises in King’s Landing will only make people focused on the war over the throne, but are all these battles just side-quests for who gets to be in power when all of humanity is destroyed?

3) Jaime’s reaction to the destruction of King’s Landing.

Jaime started as one of the most hateable characters in fantasy history: he looks like prince charming from Shrek, he pushed Bran out of a window, he constantly acts like a pompous ass, and oh yeah he’s in love with his equally horrible sister. Yet throughout the show people are able to see the forces pulling him to make the brutal decisions he has made and why he is the way he is.

Yet he has shown growth and maturity through the six seasons becoming a pitiable and likeable character. Yet Cersei still has control over him: he always goes back to her. Will her most recent actions finally cause him to break the string, walk away from what remains of his family? We see him marching into battle and although I do not know if he has in him to kill his sister, he could join forces with another family to bring down her army. All his development is leading up to him finally renouncing his family name and there is no better time than now, with his final child killing himself and his sister and lover becoming the total monster she has always hinted that she would become.

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