Notes on Bread: An Introduction

I’m not sure how it happened exactly that my everyday life as a college student would involve baking sourdough bread. It started as a thought, then became a fascination, a hobby, an obsession, and now a routine. I get lots of questions about how bread works, what baking is like, and why I do it. Yet for a food as basic as bread, I can never come up with a simple answer.

When I’m not baking, I’m an anthropologist, a storyteller, a chef, and a traveler. I hope to bring these perspectives together to tell simple stories about the complex role bread now plays in my life. Consider Notes on Bread to be field notes, vignettes, mind snacks (if you will) that give some insight into my personal journey, as well as show what we can learn from food in everyday interactions.

There’s a lot to talk about ― from the personality of my yeast, to the long list of loaves named after Westworld characters. So stick around as my journey unfolds. And if you’re around UCLA this spring, check up on the Centro Città Facebook page to see how to get your hands on your very own loaf.

May your crust be crisp and your bread always rise,


This post is part of “Notes on Bread” — an ongoing story about my life in sourdough. Be a part of Zach’s artisanal food journey at Centro Città.

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