Zach Miners’ “The Invisible Santa But Still Oceans Remain” release date, track listing, and first single and music video

Greetings! On Dec. 10 I’m releasing a new original album, The Invisible Santa But Still Oceans Remain.

The album will consist of some creative re-interpretations of Christmas songs, but mostly original songs, with contributions from some very talented collaborators.

I’ll be releasing the album digitally, for free, via SoundCloud streaming, here.

(If you download the free SoundCloud mobile app on iOS or Android, and search for/follow me, you can also easily listen and stream on the go.)

You’ll be able to download individual tracks from SoundCloud, for free.

The first single and music video, “1990,” is embedded below, and the track is accessible on SoundCloud.

Nine years ago, I released my first album, Enjoy Your Christmas. It was released only via CD-R, and distributed to a small group of family members and friends.

The season of Christmas, and its music, continues to inspire me. But so do many other things, like other artists, the world around me, and the people in it. I’ve advanced considerably as a guitarist and as a musician over the past 10 years. This new album I consider a truer reflection, and a more expansive creative expression, of …………….

The Invisible Santa But Still Oceans Remain

Part I

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Guitar
2. Christmastime Is Here (with Mark Basso)
3. The Invisible Neighbor
4. Big Drummer Boy
5. Santa & Parenting 
6. Your Happiness, My Happiness 
7. Alcatraz Rules & Regulations: Holidays Devoted to Recreation 
8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Whatever (feat. Helen Marsden)

Part II

9. The Year I Almost Didn’t Get the Talkboy
10. Why Trust Santa?
11. The Invisible You 
12. 1990
13. Danie’s Story 
14. The Jewel of the Modified West (with Darius Carrick
15. Oceans Remain (with Mark Basso
16. Waikiki

All songs arranged by Zach Miners, and mastered by the great John McBain.