Toilet Seat Confessions: Dunkin’ Donuts is my sanctuary.

I never use to drink coffee before I moved to New York City. With coffee shops, trucks, and cafes on every corner it creeps its way into your life. My apologies to all the local brews, but Dunkin’ Donuts is my elixir of choice. I go iced coffee in Spring and Summer, hot coffee Fall and Winter. Dunkin’s caramel shots keep me from wanting to jump in front of a train every morning. Listen, I’m not above being humble. If someone tosses me a Starbucks gift card, I’m not not going to use it. Coffee’s still coffee after all. But I fuck with Dunkin’ Donuts on a regular basis. Sidebar: Next time you’re hungover as shit, grab a large iced coffee with cream and caramel and you’ll feel like a god in an instant.

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