Canucks are Winning the Cup

The Canucks are 3–0. Its’ official this is our year we are winning the cup. 82, 94 and 2011 will be erased from memory thanks to this team this season. Also how nice is this team to its opponents, every game they let the other guys get to overtime just so they also get a point, how Canadian of them.

So why is this team going to be the Golden State Warriors of the NHL? Easy answer, they found out who their lucky charm is and that man is Matt Hewitt. Did you see that guy tonight? So excited, full head of red hair from lower mainland what more do you want? If the Canucks want to keep the winning streak alive send Miller to Utica immediately (great place for a farm team #convenient) we found the perfect NHL backup. His positive attitude will drown out the critics all year long. Look at tonight, no way the Canucks should win this game. The Canucks were East Dillon at the beginning of season 4 of Friday Night Lights before Hewitt shows up.

Then the new King of Vancouver arrives and just like Vince leads the team to victory. Hewitts arrival had a huge impact on Gudbranson who exploded offensively tonight getting one assist. Gudbranson only has to get one more point this month to match his last October numbers. That doesn’t happen with Miller on the bench.

Loui Eriksson also deserves props for not scoring on his own net for the second game in a row. In conclusion the Canucks are winning the cup we need to hire coach Taylor, sign Tim Riggins and keep Matt Hewitt.


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