My Journey with Cancer — The Bucket list, Part 1

Whenever you face a life threatening situation, and despite what my family and friends want to believe, that is what I’m facing. People always seem to ask “What’s on your bucket list?” Frankly, it’s not something that I’ve put much thought into, but I decided to sit down and do my best to think of somethings I have wanted to do for a long time. Some of these things are completely unlikely, but that is the point of a bucket list in my opinion. So here is part 1, as more things come to me I will be doing additional parts and probably get more and more outlandish. I’m also avoiding all the cliché things you see on other lists, clichés are lazy and to be honest, most of those list are just kind of dull in my opinion.

  1. Travel — while I have traveled within the US some and been to Mexico three times, I haven’t really traveled out of the country much. I have a few places that I’ve always wanted to visit, but never made it happen. The short list is Iceland, Japan, and Italy.
The Northern Lights as seen in Iceland

2) This one is a throwback to my childhood, but for once, I want to attend WrestleMania in person. The reason is simple, at this point it’s a huge spectacle, with the entire city being consumed by the entire event. And if you’re one of those people that’s going to say “you know it’s not real” then my solution is to tell you that it’s still real to me (bonus points to anyone that gets that reference).

- But to be honest, if I was going to attend a WrestleMania, then for one night I want to party with Ric Flair. If you’re unsure why, then I can’t do it justice here. But let’s just say that I’m pretty Flair at 68 would out pace me in everything even when I was 18. Regardless, it would be a bucket list type event. You could google the stories about him and understand what I mean here.

3) Do some cliff jumping and zip line. No, I do not mean the stuff around here, I mean the big 100ft cliff jumps and the zip lining into the ocean. I suppose this could fall under number 1, but I would go somewhere just to do this and not worry about sightseeing at all. What’s the risk of physical injury at this point?

This is the short list for now, if you have suggestions please let me know. Tomorrow is next dose of chemo but I will not see the doctor again until April 18th, so I will not have any medical updates until then at the earliest.

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