EOS Account Name Generator

One of the impressive features of the EOS blockchain is human readable account names. These names provide a user friendly way of interacting with the blockchain and are required in order to perform transactions. Gone are the days of copying and pasting cryptographic strings. With this new setup you may be wondering the following:

How do I find AND create a great sounding account name?

Good News! The EOS account creator dApp, namevault.co has added name generation features. Read on to find out how they work.

namevault.co | EOS dApp

The Naming Problem

The EOS network is quickly (and quietly) filling up with accounts. Additionally, there are some interesting naming requirements: like no special characters and certain numbers. Together these make it hard for the average user to pick a great name for themselves.

Running into this problem myself, I’m excited to show off the “Finish My Name” and “Completely Random Name” features (no other service has) that are sure to help you find something nice.

Feature #1: Finish My Name

Have a rough idea for an account name? Type in the first few characters that you want and then tap the orange Finish Name button. Namevault.co will finish your letters with a random word that’s the required length. Keep tapping the orange button to generate even more names that start with your desired word or phrase.

Finish Name | EOS Account Generator

Feature #2: Completely Random Name

Don’t know where to start? Leave the input blank and tap the blue Random Name/Generate button. This will create a completely random name for you. It’s certainly a good starting point to get your creative juices flowing. Click here to see a few random names that were generated.

Random Name | EOS Account Generator

All in all, I hope this tool makes finding and creating an account name super easy for you. A lot of planning went into making it simple for everyone to use. If you have any ideas on new features you’d like to see the dApp implement — I’m all ears. Leave me a comment below (I respond to them all)!

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