How to Pay for College without having to work a Part-Time Job

College is expensive, I get it. But it doesn’t have to be such a financially draining situation (Disclaimer: this isn’t a bullshit get rich quick scheme — you actually have to put in work and be patient). If I knew what I knew now I would have never wasted 20–30 hours/week of my life working at a restaurant I absolutely hated that still left me broke as hell after all expenses were paid. So how do you get through college without having to work for someone else? You download the amazon seller app and start reselling shit. Let me explain.

1. Garage Saling

This may be the best starting point that offers the lowest risk and highest rewards. Believe it or not, so many people are oblivious to the actual market value of their items or really just want to get rid of things. My best find was a deck of tarot cards from 1929 that sold for $359 on ebay….I paid 25 cents. Although this is an outlier, it is not uncommon to find items for less than $10 that are worth $50- $100 or more.

2. Thrifting

Unlike the hit or miss nature of garage sales, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something worth reselling at a thrift store. However, you may have to pay a little more depending on the item. Not to say you will never find steals, I found a brand new up conversion DVD recorder for $19.99 that sold for $389. It’s out there, just go get it.

3. Reselling Textbooks

Ok, so maybe you don’t have a car and live on campus — no excuse. Most college students have no clue that a lot of their textbooks retain value. Here’s some real practical advice: join the Facebook page of every class of the college you go to and scroll through. See someone selling books? Look at the current market value on Amazon and contact them immediately if it’s selling for more. It’s not rocket science, you just have to put in the work and be a little bit risk tolerant. In about a week and a half I spent around $450 just on textbooks worth around $2.1k on Amazon after fees. Probably less than 10 hours of total work from start to finish. Or you could just work that sick part time job at the library on campus for 30+ hours/week that pays $10/hour leaving you with 37 cents to put towards school after you pay all living expenses — your choice. I just know that if my dream still required me to go through school, I wouldn’t want to be drowning in loans after graduation.

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