How Is Your Day?

When someone asks you how you are doing, what is your first answer? It usually comes down to a simple, fine. I’ve noticed recently that there is a mask that we put on when something is going wrong in our lives. Somehow, this has become a norm in our culture. It is understandable why though we put a fake smile on when we are with others, say ‘I’m fine’ when we really aren’t. Everyone has a battle they are fighting, wether you know it or not. The bully that calls you names and hurts you is fighting something different than you. The thousands of people we see everyday are all going through something. I don’t believe for one second that there is someone in this world who doesn’t have a problem. We ask each other how one another are doing to show that we are interested in one another, but the question that we barely ask ourselves is, what will happen if the response is something you don’t want to hear? What if they respond with the truth? We don’t like to hear these negative things because it affects us way to much. All to often we see people fall prey to things that take them away from the negative things in life. Drugs, sex, and alcohol are being glamorized because they numb the pain, take us away from the horrors of life for a little while.

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