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A lover of technology, design, and the creation of compelling products and narratives. I sometimes write about the products and services that will define us.

In October 2016 at their Special Keynote Event, Apple shared a promotional video showing off several generations of Macbook, and their often ground breaking changes in the portable computing market. This showcase of innovation was building to the introduction of the Touch Bar. On the new thirteen and fifteen inch MacBook Pros, the computer company replaced the row of function keys which sit at the top of every laptop users keyboard, with a small and versatile touchscreen dubbed the Touch Bar. Apple’s SVP of Marketing Phil Schille introduced the new centerpiece of the product by calling it “the new gold…


Last edited April 9th 2016, Between You and Me was my attempt to write a collection of short stories in my late teens. These stories which are more or less autobiographical represent my struggles seeking love, navigating kinship, and growing up in the Midwest. Originally I intended to write enough to fill a book of short stories, but I have decided now, over three years later to publish them on Medium instead. While publishing a book of short stories has not been removed from my bucket list, I feel these stories belong together in the format they were originally written…

When the Apple Watch was first released in 2014, many speculated that the tech giant’s entry into the wearable market would fail. While the first iteration performed better than skeptics expected, Apple has been working hard to round out the timepiece and build a remarkable piece of technology. However, they are still missing one big piece to the puzzle.

by Mitchell Hollander

Custom Watch Faces.

Where are the custom Watch Faces? I was lucky enough to get to play around with the Apple Watch when it first released, as my dad is a developer and purchased one to make his projects wrist compatible. If you were…

Nine years ago Apple introduced In App purchases to the App Store. As predicted, this caused a “fundamental shift” in the way developers built and designed apps for consumers. Could this simple decision, which changed the way we consume mobile content, be what is causing Apple’s iPhone sales troubles?

Greetings! by Tyler Lastovich

This would not be the first time Apple has made a major mistake regarding the App Store. Upon its initial launch the first iPhone had no App Store, no Dev Kit, and no official channel for publishing applications on the device. It was not until hackers released the first jailbreak for…

Image by Victoria Heath

If you are like me, you can never get enough storage for your Plex server! This is a creative solution I found to expand my Plex storage indefinitely and worry more about the hardware and content than backing up hard drives or using RAID systems.

Pricing: Wasabi: $5/1TB/MO | Lucid Link: $25/MO + $0.05 per GiB

This is an adapted version of my tutorial for expanding Shadow storage using Wasabi.

Wasabi Account

The first thing you will need to do is set up an account with Wasabi.

This setup solution with Lucidlink does support other popular storage solutions such as AWS and…

late night working by Daniel Josef

Hey Shadowers! If you are like me and live in the US, you may be eagerly waiting the release of additional storage for your Shadow. While we continue to (patiently) wait for storage expansion here is self serve solution that will allow you to expand your storage Indefinitely!

Pricing: Wasabi: $5/1TB/MO | Lucid Link: $25/MO + $0.05 per GiB

Please Note: I reached out to confirm with Shadow and Blade that this solution does not violate their terms of service, and they told me that it is perfectly acceptable. However, they did note that they are “not liable for the…

Zachary Spears

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