A little backstory.

In 2008, my family went on a road trip across the country. We drove from California all the way to Maine and back- 30 days in total. It was an incredible experience, and I’m not going to talk about it any more.

Part of our preparation for the trip involved purchasing a GPS to help with navigating our way through America. At a ripe 16 years old, I was tasked with finding the best GPS for our needs within a specific budget. Genius that I was, I knew about the internet and used its vast wealth of knowledge as my guide. It was then, through some rudimentary Google searching, that I stumbled upon a little website called CNET.

CNET is a website which, among other things, serves as a hub for product reviews. Their editors test and review products from cell phones and cameras to laptops and cars. I was hooked from the start. I obsessed over the details of various GPS units, learning about points of interest, voice-over options, and battery life. The more I read and compared, the more I started to click around to other parts of the site. After getting familiar with some of the CNET editors through their reviews, I stumbled across a goldmine: CNET’s podcasts.

CNET ran, at the time, quite a few podcasts. I began to listen to a few regularly, on various tech-related topics including the mobile phone industry, camera technology, and technology news. It was, and I hate myself for saying this, love at first listen. I became obsessed with the world of technology and the buzz surrounding it. New product releases became exciting events for me; Apple events, with their trendy music and dynamic presentations were the holy grail. As new social media platforms were introduced, failed, and made comebacks, I was there to watch it happen. I remember the first time I called in to a podcast to leave a message asking a question… when I heard my voice on the next episode I was pumped. I was on CNET every day, checking in on the latest news and reading others’ opinions on it.

These days, I don’t frequent CNET quite as often as I used to. My love for technology has never gone away- but my tastes in things like reporting style have changed over the years. I still check in on headlines once a week or so, and I still love and appreciate the work CNET does. And, whenever I’m shopping for a new piece of tech for myself or someone asking for advice, CNET’s reviews section is always my first stop. Some old habits die pretty hard, I guess.