How to implement your first password-less login system
Jackson Bates

Great read! It inspires me to write down installation cycles too, with a clear overview on the pitfalls and common problems that with installing fresh and new software.

Nevertheless your solution will be taken for granted by me, since I’ve chosen to keep myself from using any Windows or Google related code or software. This is because of their unclear privacy policy and the silence the maintain in the the very tough played discussion about the legality of encryption and the question wether Intelligence Services, Criminal Investigators or even the Police should have the key to unlock anytime when needed (Apple is very clear in supporting encryption by the way).

In search for a password-less solution I have found and chosen Clef as the best solution for all the WordPress sites I have created and still administer.

This service is free up to 20thousend logins per month (!) and they made a simple to use WordPress plugin which assured a plug-n-play installation and activation.

More to come in a follow-up with a manual for installing and using Clef in a WordPress CMS environment. And hopefully a convincing dissertation on why they seem to have created a privacy secure killer solution with modern state encryption.

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