Artists have the ability to trigger imagination. Artists can imagine how certain issues can change and how we can live differently. Activists, on the other hand, are far more strategic and are communicating in a very straightforward way, but they might lack the ability to trigger imagination. I think it’s very powerful to combine both these expertises as a movement.
“Give a shit!”; a story on activism — 5 questions for Teresa Borasino
Interactive Storytelling

History shows that a lot of successful activist groups and political movements had a very vivid connection or strong integration with a young and thriving avant-garde scene. Amsterdam is still benefiting from the Provo movement and their enormous output of creative solutions for practical problems. For example the much copied ‘witte fietsen’ sharing plan, community based neighborhood activities and services plus their defining influence on the political and cultural landscape in the Netherlands during the late Sixties and early Seventies.