Episode I: Downgrading.

“Premonitions, premonitions… these visions you have…”

They are of pain, suffering…death…because I had to switch carriers from Verizon to T-Mobile. Yeah, it wasn’t on the scale of having the Force taunt you with your destiny, but…it was hard enough, at least at first. Having to give up my iPhone 6 for an older, slower, fatter, less versatile phone of some sort? Yup. Let’s just say I wasn’t ecstatic.


My initial reaction to downgrading.

But really…I love my new old phone, and it taught me something about the future. If only we all learned from our visions of the future… -ahem ahem- young Skywalker.

I’d gotten the 6 for a great deal, having only to pay in total around $50 for the phone itself. Of course, Verizon backstabbed my family with the $300+ monthly plan, so in the end ‘twasn’t (I think I’m making up Middle English now…) a very good deal (told you, mom). Going over to T-Mobile (really my favorite of the carriers, if not because it’s pink and white and there’s free music streaming and it’s owned by a German company, which already gives it a lead in my eyes) involved buying a whole new (relatively speaking) device at a whole new price, which, for me, wasn’t happening when the iPhone 6S is right around the corner.


I settled to downgrade. I was mad, let’s say.

So I did the logical thing, at least to my 18 year old, tech savvy self. I set myself up to choose between the only Android phone I’d ever consider buying, the Nexus 5, and the oldest iPhone downgrade I’d feel comfortable with for the next 6 months, the iPhone 5S. I still didn’t like it, but guess which I chose?

One day later I had a gold 16GB iPhone 5S, which my hands kept mistaking for my iPod touch and thus neglected the Touch ID. Still. :/ It’s like going from a full sized lightsaber to a Yoda sized version. My thumbs would definitely get singed off due to muscle memory. Psh, thanks, anatomy.

And here’s where it gets interesting. I was definitely expecting to loathe over the 4 inch screen, the boxy frame, the lack of those endearingly ugly antenna lines, and the inability to use Apple Pay in-store. Oh, and the speed reduction was a theoretical problem, as well.

All of it? Nah. I’m fine. I love it. The small size is arguably better for a phone anyway. It feels more like an actual phone than a monstrous…gizmo…from 2014- Apple playing catch up to trends it originally dismissed.


My reaction when I couldn’t believe I actually liked downgrading.

But what Apple shouldn’t have dismissed was the 4 inch form factor. There have been rumors of the 6S coming in a new, possibly budget focused 4 inch size, though apparently that is no longer happening this iteration. This is a serious consideration Apple should look into. Many people, myself included, think anything larger than an iPhone 6 is way too big (even the 6 is pushing it in that regard). So, Apple should definitely consider making a 4 inch model of the 6, which would basically be the iPod touch with the phone, with upgraded specs and such. Which isn’t a bad thing.

The moral of the story? If you currently have a T-65A X-Wing starfighter, but then something on a massive scale occurs, say, the effective creation of an galaxy wide Rebel Alliance, and you really wanna upgrade to those new T-65B X-Wings but don’t have the money (or will to pay) for them, don’t be afraid to downgrade to a Z-95 Headhunter. They’re old, they’re not as good. But they’re good enough for early Alliance members and space pirates, so dammit they’re good enough for you…Until you need to blow up a space station (then you should upgrade). For now, downgrading isn’t so bad. One can actually learn a lot from it.


My reaction when I eventually upgrade to the 6S, leaving the 5S behind.

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