“Women across the globe have been mistreated and often jipped when it comes to being heard and even taken advantage of. In particular women of latin american decent have been mistreated the most out of most foreign women who try to become U.S. citizens. Yes the men have very little more opportunities than the women but it’s still a lot when they didn’t have a lot to start off with. “Despite their hard work and educational achievements, immigrant women earn less than foreign-born men, and less than native-born men or women” (council 1). So even though a lot of the time immigrant women work harder than most of the other groups, they still get screwed over in the end with less job opportunities and lower pays than people with the same jobs. When women try crossing into america illegally they are often taken advantage of sexually by fellow travelers, strangers, or even guards stopping them from crossing, but taking favors as payment to be let free. “these victims are too afraid to come forward both because of the stigma that’s associated with rape and the fact that they fear being sent back home” (goldberg 1). As time has progressed though more of these women’s voices are being heard and getting recognized for their accomplishments. With the election of Senator Masto “Latinos nationwide celebrated her win, with some Democrats calling it a “silver-lining” and the “tiniest speck of light” after Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election” (john 1). Meaning that there is hope from the latino group and that their voices can be heard. Now especially now with Trump becoming president Trump there are going to be many conflicts with the Mexican population in particular. Immigrant women have been more mistreated than probably most of America has known, but now that voices are being heard and people can speak up to what is really going on, there can be change.

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