Life’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot. Probably too much. I don’t even enjoy running. But my mind intermittently brings this idea up at all times of the day.

After a couple days, I found it comforting. Applying this concept to pretty much every facet of my thought processes. Because deep down, I believe it.

We have time. Too often we forget this concept, and as a result, we become reactionary. Getting upset over life’s simplest complications.

Understanding I ‘have’ time allows me to immerse myself in the present moment. Getting more out of the experience. Humbling myself and empathizing more with others. And let me tell you, work, school, and my relationships notice.

As my mindset continues to open and change, I also find myself being more grateful. Grateful for others, life’s opportunities, and its obstacles.

So this is a reminder for you to slow down, take a breath, and keep going. Life truly is a marathon.

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