Does America Have Capitalist Stockholm Syndrome?
umair haque

The idea that capitalism is “have capital, get rich” is absurd. As someone currently attempting to obtain funding for a start-up, the investments rich people make are win-win deals. We believe we have a good idea which requires money to execute on, and other people have money which they have earned and would like to make good investments. When a rich person invests in my startup, what’s that have to do with Rick? Rick is not being exploited by this transaction. The money a rich person invests is not magically growing and stealing from the poor, they’re using it to split value they couldn’t get without my startup and my startup couldn’t create without their money.

And the other thing you neglect, is everyone owns capital, their own labor and skillset. At many points in time in our life we get the chance to invest our time and our money. Do we want to spend 4 years and lots of money at college improving our skills? Do we want to spend our time after we make enough to make rent to get more disposable income? Or do we want to spend our time improving future potential income? Or maybe we want to spend it having fun and maximizing our short-term happiness. There’s nothing wrong with any choice, and the beauty of capitalism is the person who gets to decide their investments is the person investing. There’s only one economic system I’ve seen that holds true in, and it’s capitalism.

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