Connect Filter

V1 : Side filter

Starting with a filter on the left hand side allowed for easy navigation, and allowed the ability to toggle between topics, content type, and other types of categories.


Having it sit inline with the default cards caused the cards to fall to 2 per row.

Creating this for mobile would cause some headaches.

V2 : Top Simple Filter

Went with a simpler approach that helps separate the main hero area away from the default cards.

This tool bar allows to filter by the following types : Categories, app type, and sort by featured, views, newest,downloads, and last modified.

We added back in the capability to search**.

Partner Centric Bar

Depending on what slider color scheme we end up using will be the determining factor when it comes to the color scheme of the filter bar.

Partner Centric Filter Bar
Zuora Centric Filter bar
Example with dropdowns


  • * Concerns about the search, how will we run the search across connect then back to

See how the filter bar looks on the marketplace with the slider.