Connect Marketplace Homepage

V1: Featured assets with Chic-lets

I’ve placed the featured items and chic-lets into the bootstrap grid, to see how they work together. A lot of the same layout applies to the sub featured assets in the featured section. No additional fields from the Connect API are needed to construct the featured apps.

The animations for the default chic-let will follow suit for the featured chic-lets as well. There won’t be any additional animations for the main asset as all the allotted content will fit appropriately in the default view.

  • Is there still a soft landing to the marketplace from a higher level Connect Discovery page?
  • Is the messaging suffice for the page?

V2: Featured Slider and Filter system

After a few iterations of the slider module and adding a simple filter system, Zuora Connect is looking like an marketplace that deserves the best partners to join!

Zuora centric featured apps view

Partner Centric View : Featured Apps

The full marketplace will showcase the slider, the filter, and the default cards.

For more about the filter head here.

Zuora centric Filter

Left Panel : Default Marketplace view with ability to search and a button to bring down the category selection.

Middle Panel : onClick of the icon on the right, the categories slide down, presenting the ability to search through categories, app type, and sorting ability.

Right Panel: This is the default panel without field selection.

Partner Centric Filter

See how the single view is put together here.




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Zach Waggoner

Zach Waggoner

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