V1. Connect Single View

Zach Waggoner
Nov 21, 2016 · 3 min read

The single app view of connect allows the user to view more details about the app, and learn more about partner details if the app is provided by a third party vendor.

Image viewer

The image carousel keeps it’s look and feel consistent to the homepage and allows the user to hover over the left panel and gain access to toggle through the images that the app has to offer. If the app requires a video to help pitch it’s story, this location will facilitate that need as well. The carousel will not revolve automatically, only if the user decides to scroll through.

Zuora’s brand is still a secondary color palette as we don’t want to conflict too much with each app / brand. This is why the login button is still contrasted but not of any color such as teal.

The overview allows for a WYSIYWG allowing for full formatting to suit the apps needs.

Partners information will be available on the right column for easy access to partner bio, logo and links to appropriate information about the partner.

V2: Bring Provider within tab structure

Alternate view could be to make the slider / gallery full width and push the app title and description between the slider and tab structure.

Partner Details

I placed the partner details in a tab to bring some balance to the design and allow for more area and customization. It is under a tab called ‘provider’ but totally open to another word. Under provider you would have details such as headquarters, year founded, employees, logo, additional links, and contact information and company bio.. If we have more meaningful information to put in here lemme know.

additional links and the zuora + leeyo link**

The Zuora + Leeyo link will send the user to a partner profile page that shows all the apps the partner has active on the marketplace, along with blogs / webinars, and other marketing assets the partner has with Zuora.

The other links are placeholders for what Leeyo would like to provide. Website would be default but if they had another link we would be able to support that.

**leeyo + zuora link will be in a later phase and isn’t dependent on re-launching Connect.

V3: Bring Icon back and bring in high res slider

Adding the icon ties the experience back to the homepage adding consistency between the two views. Also added ‘real’ screenshots and video caps to understand what the real feeling of the single app view will look like.

V4 : Re worked contacting in provider

Added appropriate fields such as “Partner Since” to the partner profile section and removed the contact us fields with a get in touch with ‘company’ link that will link off to a form.

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