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Beginning / Problem Statement

Acquiring a company, launching 7 annual Subscribed events, 5 products, an App Marketplace, Developer Center & API Reference, Community, Training Platform, it was no doubt that our corporate website site & it’s subsidary sites have become compartmentalized causing the navigation across Zuora to become fragmented. With all these sites, we were noticing users were getting pigeon-holed into sections of the site with no viable option to make their way from one section of to another.

Microsite Mission Statement from Tien Tzuo

Allow the business the flexibility to create relevant navigation and content that pertains to the users they’re targeting.

Blast From the Past

Our first run-in with having a unified navigation system across Zuora came up when we launched Zuora’s Community back in Q4 2015. We had placed Zuora’s global navigation across the top, and tested it with users and they immediately were confused why Community users were given options like “Vision” and “Resources” & “About” that placed them back on the marketing website. Questions like “Where are the Community boards?” “Where’s links to the Knowledge Center?” came up more than “How do I get back to” …

V1 : Side filter

Starting with a filter on the left hand side allowed for easy navigation, and allowed the ability to toggle between topics, content type, and other types of categories.

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Having it sit inline with the default cards caused the cards to fall to 2 per row.

Creating this for mobile would cause some headaches.

V2 : Top Simple Filter

Went with a simpler approach that helps separate the main hero area away from the default cards.

This tool bar allows to filter by the following types : Categories, app type, and sort by featured, views, newest,downloads, and last modified.

We added back in the capability to search**. …

The single app view of connect allows the user to view more details about the app, and learn more about partner details if the app is provided by a third party vendor.

Image viewer

The image carousel keeps it’s look and feel consistent to the homepage and allows the user to hover over the left panel and gain access to toggle through the images that the app has to offer. …

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