The time for ‘New’

Happy New Year!

Normally I don’t put much importance in finishing another lap around the sun, however this time has come with some additional “News”.

I’m starting a new job, in a new city, in a new country. Will be living and socialising with new people, so more than any other new year, this feels like the start of a new chapter.

Resolution is such a loaded term (and I’ve never finished one in previous years) so here’s a public list of goals to achieve in 2017.

Discipline over Motivation.

It’s been a trying few years, running a small startup, while a valuable experience has left me somewhat drained creatively, and relying on external motivators to keep me working. With a new start, it’s time to get back into the groove of doing my own work for my own reasons. None of the following goals could happen during those years, and so if for no other reason, that attitude needs to change.

Eat better.

So much of the last few years has been fueled by Frozen Pies and KFC, and when I did cook it was rich pastas or giant plates of wings. In the new year I need to cook more for myself, cook better food when I do, and when going out choose local over multinational.

Release 2 ‘games’ outside of work.

Constantly discussion is turning to “release more smaller games” and this is the time to make that happen. Tools are better than ever, assets are cheaper and more accessible than ever, and being able to work with people remotely is the best it’s ever been.

While I will be working in the Games Industry, for personal growth, and to vary the projects worked on, I am now making an effort to release 2 projects of my own over the next year. No comment on scope. Hell, no comment on if most people would consider them games.

Blog more.

This whole ‘public journal to keep myself honest’ exercise won’t mean much if it never gets updated, so, updates are on the to do list. Trying for one personal post a month, intercut with Game Dev insights, Tabletop musings, project updates and whatever gets the most fake internet points.

Finish a Souls Game.

Somewhat more lighthearted than the rest of the list, but as much as I love From Software’s Souls Series I’ve never been able to finish them, the time required, stress created and a personal bugbear of creating optimum builds means I always tend to restart when things get hard. Not this time game, not this time!

Stop wasting time.

Recently I’ve fell into a trap of Insisting I have no free time, and yet rewatching 30 Rock in a fortnight and plowing through hours of youtube, hopefully the above list will keep my busy enough to avoid going back to that well every free moment.

Maybe I’ve overcommitted here, only time will tell if I meet any of the goals set out here, but the bar seems low enough that with time, effort and discipline to keep at it, I should be able to make it.

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