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Given the need for compliance and the growing number of digital services that need to have more inclusive access, web accessibility is no longer a trivial or low-priority concern for business websites.

According to one Pew Internet Project survey, 54% of adults with disabilities use the internet. However, based on a recent analysis of the top 1 million websites by WebAIM, 98.1 percent of home pages have compliance issues with the Web Accessibility Guidelines 2 (WCAG 2). Also, the study reports that 97.8% of internal pages do not pass WCAG 2 standards. …

Terraform is an “Infrastructure as a Code” (IaC) platform by Hashicorp that helps design and deploy virtual or cloud infrastructure using a high-level configuration language. With Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL) based configuration templates, Terraform enables building, remodeling, versioning, and reuse of infrastructure components; forming the foundation of a full infrastructure lifecycle.

To maintain security, Terraform supports:

  • Plain text secrets by leveraging native environment variables
  • Encrypted secrets in a key protected file
  • Integration with a secrets management platform like Akeyless Vault

For enhanced security across Terraform configurations, Akeyless Vault administers on-demand access keys instead of using vulnerable plaintext secrets. With the…

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What happens when a visitor comes to your site for the first time? This is an important question as studies have shown that most first time visitors will leave your site within seconds of arriving, and the chances of them returning are very slim. With so much focus on content creation and link building these days, it seems like not enough effort is placed on the value that a website provides, on on-site experience, and on making sure that your site is user friendly. …

Building an API can seem daunting, and for good reason. A lot can — and often does — go wrong. Rather than going back to the drawing board after your REST API has already been deployed, it’s best to be meticulous and launch an excellent API from the start.

How do you know when to say, “Hold on… let’s not deploy this API just yet”?

The following questions can help you determine the answer.

Have You Effectively Documented Your REST API?

To be blunt, developers won’t want to use your API if it provides poor (or no) documentation. Design your…

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