Writers of Medium, Stop Writing to Writers of Medium

I know that this post is itself, a paradox.

But among the ‘listicles’, start-ups, self-help articles, and articles on why you’re “Burnt out on Bernie”, a new trend has been solidified: letters to other writers on Medium asking them to stop writing something. This is a letter to you.

Dear writers of ‘Writers of Medium’ articles,

You are wasting your time, and no one wants to read what you have to say. If you’re writing to persuade other writers to avoid writing about a certain topic, people will not be drawn to read it because they are most likely burnt out on that particular topic to anyway. But the fact remains that you’re weary of seeing the same, tired articles again and again, and you want to make some changes here at Medium. Well here is some constructive advice:

  1. Ignore it! Maybe you wouldn’t see the same kinds of articles if people didn’t ‘recommend’ them or post a comment. These actions increase visibility on Medium and likely perpetuate these themed articles. Instead of shaming them, just make sure these articles don’t receive attention.

2. Write about something different! Maybe Medium would be a better place if more people chose to take risks — if more people would write about things that can change the way people think or feel. Maybe our experience on Medium would be enriched if there was more diversity on our feeds. Asking writers to quit writing something is not new — it is becoming another one of those same, tired articles we see again and again. Writing on a topic in uncharted waters would inspire other writers to pursue something unique and personal as well.

Thanks for reading.


A writer of Medium

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