Design for Tension by Zackary Fitzgibbon

While trying to find the topic for our chat bot it took us a while to find a topic that would have enough substance behind it to create a chat bot while also being something that we all enjoyed. We tossed around humans on Mars and gun control before finally settling on gun control. In order for us to create more tension we decided to have our chat bot argue for less gun control.

For the design of the chat bot we split it into different components to create on our own and then we got back together to combine our different flows into one big bot. I was tasked with creating a bot that talks about the constitutionality of gun control. I also created a welcome flow that would introduce the bot and lead you to the different branches of the bot.

During the testing of the prototype the biggest response back that we received was that there was no direction on how to prompt the bot to talk about different topics. We fixed this by after all of our different parts had finished having the bot asking what they wanted to talk about next and giving them the different choices. We also had a few dead ends in the bot that we had not discovered in our testing, this wasn’t a very hard fix for the final design.

For our final design it is not exactly what we wanted it to be but that is due to the limitation of the software and how we created our bot. Flow XO can only attach four flows to a bot and we each had one or two flows, plus the welcome flow. We decided against having the welcome flow and chose the four biggest flows that we had created to be a part of the final bot.

A video of the chat bot can be fount here.