To become a great programmer, you must first understand what not to do

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Be humble.

Architecting and designing great code isn’t some mythical ideal, it’s something that you must constantly work towards. You need to clarify in your mind exactly what makes a programmer great.

We’re always searching for ways to make our code better and to sharpen our skills, like a butcher’s knife at the chef’s table. …

Set goals, manage your time, learn quickly, and apply immediately

path through field of golden grass with green trees in background, all under blue sky with puffy white clouds
path through field of golden grass with green trees in background, all under blue sky with puffy white clouds
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I came into the Salesforce development industry knowing nothing, absolutely nothing, about Salesforce: how it was used in business nor how to even develop on it. I was as clueless as a newborn baby seeing the light for the first time — I suppose most of you understand this feeling when tackling a new programming language or framework.

That being said, I was very uncomfortable starting and was afraid that I wouldn’t fare well in this uncharted territory of cloud development.

Boy, was I wrong.

Come my first week of training and I fell in love with this technology almost immediately. I was baffled and bummed that I wasn’t able to cross paths with this powerful tech sooner. …

Life is nothing more than a wave that forms, rolls, crashes, and withdraws

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There has never been a single show I’ve watched that has consistently delivered deeply philosophical gems about life and death in the same light-hearted, digestible, and comedic ways that The Good Place has.

But there was one standout moment from the show. A moment that I’ll remember for a long time. A moment that immensely moved me.

It was in the very last episode when one of the main characters tells a short monologue about the concept of life and death.

Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. …

No matter how good of an education you get, your own success is always in your hands

View of a city
View of a city
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As a kid, I always dreamed of getting into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which I’m sure many of you hoped to get into as well at a time when you were still applying for colleges.

Now you must think I’m insane. MIT is the school that not only has the best computer science program in the world but is also ranked as the best university in the world.

Step 6: If you don’t like it, don’t finish it.

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Reading used to bore the living hell out of me.

Up until I learned to love the practice, I condemned it and always thought: “If movies and documentaries exist, why would I ever want or have to read?”.

Needless to say, after setting a New Year’s resolution in 2017, I discovered everything that I was missing. I fell in love with reading equipped with its insightful, detailed, and fantastical descriptions. Since then, I created a daily habit from it that allowed me to consume close to 170 books since I started 3 years ago.

I’ve come a very long way and have barely missed a day where I haven’t consumed at least a tiny portion of a book. It’s a habit that transformed my world perspective, the trajectory of my life, my many other habits, my mindset, and the overall quality of my life. It has made me who I am today. …

A 3 minute-read on self-love, empathy, and understanding in a divided world

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I normally don’t worry myself with politics, but as of late, the current events of the world can’t be ignored.

Maybe you felt cheated by the outcome of the election. Maybe you feel that the world will shatter into pieces if Trump manages to end up winning in the end. Maybe you’re horrified by the constantly expanding social divide in this country.

What I’ve noticed though, is that many seem to be jumping to conclusions about their own fate all based on who becomes president — someone completely outside of themselves.


Unpopular opinion here, but from my personal experience, nothing dramatic in my life has happened as a direct occurrence of who was president. …

Insights from the greatest advice Joe Rogan has ever heard

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Joe Rogan’s podcast has influenced and improved the lives of many people, mine included.

He takes people from all walks of life who have achieved great success in their areas of expertise and essentially brings them down to earth to have civilized, humane, funny, and deeply thought-provoking conversations that allow us to see and understand the minds behind the most intelligent and influential comedians, scientists, philosophers, influencers, politicians, or whomever they may be. His podcast provides a window to understanding life for the curious and open-minded.

Following people like Joe Rogan can cause you to discover some of the most valuable pieces of advice that you can ever hear. Several years ago, he shared on his podcast the best advice he’s ever heard and it shook me to the core. …

A warning from the perspective of a former scumbag that has succeeded in trashing and crippling his past relationships

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Just last week, I almost lost the love of my life to a stupid mistake.

In high school, I managed to get my entire friend group to hate me and never talk to me again.

Throughout my life, I seem to have unintentionally put myself on thin ice with, well, quite a number of my relationships.

Honestly, nowadays I’d like to think I’m a very good and honest person who is stoically tackling all his insecurities and learning from his mistakes but that’s not what you’re here for are you?

You came here because you wanted to know exactly how to set your relationships aflame and transform them into dust. Now, what better way to do this than by teaching you exactly what I did in my past that has decimated the quality of several of my relationships and has effectively terminated my ties with those that I cared about. …

Law 28: Enter action with boldness

Man sitting on a couch with a cigar in hand
Man sitting on a couch with a cigar in hand
Photo by Rock Staar on Unsplash.

We all want to become programming superstars, but there are two obvious roadblocks towards that ideal dream that first need to be addressed.

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” — Bertrand Russell

Imposter Syndrome Is the Self-Criticising Roadblock to Progress

Ah, imposter syndrome. An all too familiar feeling that newer or even seasoned developers get when they feel like they don’t belong in their current position.

That overwhelming knot in your stomach that plagues your psyche with the fear of being exposed as a “fraud,” filling your head full of doubt in your skills, talents, or accomplishments. …

When we keep our goals to ourselves, we lack accountability.

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In 2009, Psychology Today published an article featuring a study conducted by psychology professor, Peter Gollwitzer. The takeaway was that if you want to succeed, you need to keep your goals to yourself. According to Gollwitzer, sharing your goals and receiving praise and encouragement for them can trick your brain into making you feel like you’ve already accomplished that goal, thus making you less likely to work towards it.

Though many experts agree with this theory, I’d argue that sometimes it’s better to share and communicate your goals. …


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