How I built the Gmail client I’ve always needed with 3 lines of code and how you can too.

As a mac user for over two years I have never been able to find a Gmail client that I loved. I tried, Mailbox, Go for Gmail, and more but while each had their advantages they all paled in comparison to Gmail’s great web interface. Using the browser has always felt cumbersome and the extra few seconds to open a new tab or window and navigate to gmail is continually frustrating. The simple solution seemed to be a desktop app that would open a gmail window. Every app that claimed to do something like this either did too much, or didn’t work properly. It seemed simple enough though, so I took it up as a quick project. Here is how you can create your own gmail app for mac or you can just skip to the bottom and download it!

Step 1: Write The Script:

  1. Open up Script Editor
  2. Click “New Document”

3. Paste in the following code:

tell application “Safari” make new document with properties {URL:””}
end tell

This code will open the app Safari, then in a new window open up the gmail webpage.

Step 2: Save as an application

  1. Click Save

2. Save the file as an Application to your Desktop

3. You should now have this file on your desktop

Step 3: Change the icon

  1. The app should now function, but this is a Gmail app and it should have the gmail icon. Download this file and save it to your Desktop or Downloads folder.
  2. Right click on the new Gmail app on the Desktop and drag the downloaded icon onto the “script” image in the top left.

3. Release the image and you should now see the Gmail icon. Drag it to the dock for easy access!

If you skipped to the end you can just download the final file by clicking here!

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