Using GIFS in Marketing

Telling a Story

Storytelling can be very effective in a brand’s content strategy, as it builds a relationship with the audience by allowing them to view a GIFS quickly and it captures the users attention. GIFS can be used in social media which can help your business move away from the traditional advertising method of marketing. GIFS are more appealing than images but it’s easier and cheaper compared to videos.


It takes only a few seconds to view a GIF and it can be addictive in a good way. Their file size is significantly smaller and the process of uploading them is faster comparing to videos, while the auto loop increases the effectiveness of a brand’s message. Users tend to behave differently in each social media platform but GIFS are popular on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

They speak the internet’s language

Internet has become the new TV in this generation. GIFs are part of the internet culture, from the early days until today, and despite the changes in content and communication through the years, brands can still be rewarded when keeping up with the times. We are constantly using our smartphones and GIFS will be very effective in grabbing your target audience attentions.