5 Practical Tips To Save You More Money Immediately

So you wanna save some money each month but you have no clue where to start.

Lucky you, we have some awesome tips for you that will not only help you save more money but grow your net worth over time the smart way.

1. Get A Better Student Loan Interest Rate in 3 Mins

11 Easy Money Hacks You Should Try This Week

This step could substantially lower your student loan payments and save you ALOT of money each month.

Most millennials are drowning in student loan debt. If you do have debt, refinancing could be a great way to save money in the long run.

Our favorite tool for refinancing student loans is LendEdu. It is completely free to see what rates you qualify for and takes less than 5 minutes, all you do is answer a few questions.

The best part? People who refinance with LendEdu on average save $13,676 over the lifetime of their loan…

In the end, if you choose not to go through with anything, there is no obligation on your end and it does not impact your credit score.To compare rates in under 3 mins just click here.

Hundreds of our readers have done this and it’s easy as pie. Don’t miss your chance to lower your monthly rate if you have student loans.

2. Start Investing Money The No-Fee Way

11 Easy Money Hacks You Should Try This Week

There are a lot of cool apps when it comes to investing but none like the Robinhood app.

Robinhood is an easy to use app that understands that not everyone wants to get a masters degree to learn how to investing. The app is free and available for both Android and Apple and is straightforward and fun to use. The great thing is you don’t have to have a lot of cash, just the amount you want to buy a stock with. The plus side to using this app is there are zip, zero, nadda — no fees for buying a stock!

In fact, you can get a free share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free when you join.

Once you get your account, you can get another free share of stock by recommending it to your friends. To claim your bonus, click here.

You can thank me later :)

3. Grab Your Free Credit Report

11 Easy Money Hacks You Should Try This Week

You may not think your credit score can save you money, but it can. Your credit score alone can save you a ton of money on the biggest purchases when it comes to impacting your interest rate.

Nearly 30% of people have an error on their credit report but don’t know it.

If you’re thinking about buying a house anytime soon, this one thing alone could save you $1,000’s over the lifetime of your mortgage loan.

Nobody likes the thought of checking their credit score… BUTTTT, it’s the one thing you can do right now that can impact your future in a big way PLUS this is a 100% free way to do it.

So, grab your drink and head on over to a site like Credit Sesame to get your free credit score.

4. Trim Your Excess Expenses

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Still paying for Netflix, even though you use your roommate’s account now? Or paying for Spotify Premium — but always using Pandora instead?

You’d be surprised how easily those recurring expenses can slip your mind! They can add up and eat away at your bottom line throughout the year.

Use the new (free) iOS app Trim to find your forgotten subscriptions and cancel them.

The app can help you cut spending other ways, too, by negotiating with your service providers to lower your monthly bills. Plus, it tracks your spending, so you’ll see what habits might be blowing your budget.

To connect your accounts and find your wasteful expenses this week, download Trim for iOS to get started!

5. Invest Your Spare Change

We’re obsessed with Acorns.

Simply put, Acorns lets you invest your digital change. How does that work you might ask?

When you pay with your debit or credit card, the leftover change you get back is put away in a safe investment account with Acorns.

You can round up your purchases on debit or credit cards and automatically put it towards your long-term goals or just invest the pennies each purchase you make. It’s simple.

There are no restrictions on when you can pull your money out either.

Get a $5 bonus in your account by following this link and click “start now”.

We have used Acorns for about 6 months and have $200 invested and haven’t noticed anything coming out of our accounts.

It’s not going to make you a millionaire overnight but it will save you some money over time :)

Have any other money-saving hacks? Leave a comment below share the wealth!

Originally published at Your Money Your Freedom.