Hi, I have succeeded.
Bubba Nicholson

As much as I appreciate your citizen-science (in the spirit of Benjamin Franklin himself), I would point out the potential danger of doing an experiment like this without giving the larger scientific community a chance to weigh in. Dumping gallons of oil into a public waterway could have very notable consequences on the immediate flora and fauna (and is likely illegal). Of course, if you are right, the saving in human life very well might outweigh that, but that’s a calculation which should be made by the community at large.

Even further, as powerful as your evidence might be to you, we need a more controlled experiment to definitively know the effect of oil on hurricanes. This experiment likely needs coordination with meteorological experts who can truly say if the hurricane behaves in a way which would not have otherwise been expected. It probably would make even more sense to begin with scaled models, either physical or digital, rather than working with something as massive and unpredictable as a real-world hurricane.