I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

Everyone, all of us, are a mess.

Some are better at hiding it and some are not.

Some are better at letting go of this fact, even embracing it, and some of us are being crushed beneath the weight of expectation.

Some wake up and answer yes to the question, “Am I going to try today?”

And some of us pull the covers back over, cry a little and wonder how we will make it through the next hour.

Some decide to give up for a day and cope with pleasure and some decide to struggle in order to grow.

But all of us go through tough times. Maybe their big and maybe there small.

All of us travel through life on a path of faith, unsure of what the day will bring.

Each of us must accept that no amount of luck, happiness or good fortune will bring us certainty.

I LOVE what you wrote. You are the many.

The ones that, in spite of all the bad, choose to fight on, push forward and struggle pretty.

You are a star and a hero just as much as any celebrity or visionary.

Because your life and your humility model what every human must come to terms with if they are to keep living: Hope in the midst of infinite uncertainty.

No amount of fame or wealth will ever be able to completely remove the unknown.

So anyone that continues to put this message out into the world and live it best they can should count themselves a success for that day.

Thanks for your example Jessica Semaan.