The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

Our insignificance in the WHOLE universe is the counterweight to our ego.

But the significance in our subjective world is also a counterweight to our ego.

I love you what you wrote Zat Rana.

You sum up the past century of western culture caught up in self importance.

A poisonous lesson telling us that there is only one way to mean something in this world.

No wonder most of us are depressed and anxious.

If we expect the same result as all the “so-called” titans, then the very honorable and meaningful life of a woman who finds joy and meaning in her family and building a small business becomes, by comparison, a failure.

Each of us has a story to tell and each of us brings value to the relationships we grow in life and career.

If every person saw value in this small but meaningful existence, we could affect the world over.

But instead we have come to believe that the quiet and the humble are a product of the fact that not everyone can “change the world.”

We are teaching generations they have less or even no worth because they don’t have 10 million followers.

And we are depriving someone, who needs a man’s seemingly “insignificant” story to overcome a personal adversity, from ever even hear it.

I’m of the belief that meaning is best derived in the service of others. Not because they give me meaning or value themselves. In fact most people shun the help of others.

I do it because when I serve others, I open my self up to the idea that I’m not center of the universe. To the idea that most things are out of my control.

To the idea that my ego needs a counterweight.

Seeing yourself as insignificant isn’t an exuse to give up or give in.

It’s a way to place a set of checks and balances on your self absorption so that you can get to the real business of cultivating purpose, void of expectation, outcome or validation.

Wise words man!