Why American-ized Dating Is Screwing Up Our Marriages
Benjamin Sledge

So this just showed up on my feed and I loved it.

This is a symptom of larger problem: the dream of certainty and the reality of uncertainty.

We are beings who want to feel safe and certainty provides that. Allows us to know where we are going and how we will get there. The only hiccup in this strategy? It doesn’t exist.

We seek out these quick highs that feel so good and give us a shot at feeling safe, but they fade quickly because most things do.

And yet I’m excited about what’s happening.

There are a lot of people realizing how important struggle is, how vital leaning in to discomfort is and how necessary hard work, perseverance, sacrifice and compromise is to growth.

I hope to strive for this in my own relationships. I have placed a premium on doing it in friendships, but still struggle with defaulting to the highs of first romance.

Thanks for the great wisdom on pushing for what’s meaningful, not what’s easy.

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