Being an Entrepreneur Doesn’t Make You a Better Person
Benjamin Foley

The ability to care for others is inherent in humanity.

It’s baked into our programming for the simple fact that we ultimately can’t survive alone.

Each of us has weaknesses and each of us has strengths. It is in our bonding with each other that we create something so much bigger.

We are all parts of a whole.

None of us need search for our worth. It is alive and well within us. We simply have to uncover what the world has buried.

Your ability to connect, care and love is all humanity ever needed. Love is the tool through which you materialize your purpose.

Don’t spend time wondering what your “called” to do. Spend time doing what you started doing from the very day you were born: Loving.

When you love, everything else will manifest itself through that action. You will create a business to help others and it will just happen to make millions.

You will create music to feed our souls, it will just happen to be streamed hundreds of thousands of times.

You will write a blog to remind yourself and others of the power of love and it will just happen to get 10,000 recommends.

What we DO is just a byproduct of who WE ARE. Not the other way around.

So forget about the endless search to “Do what you love.” How about instead, “Do Love.”

The rest will follow.