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The ego is often seen as the devil in the details of every major worldview.

We are slaves to an idea. And we often do everything we can to feed it with food that will never satisfy its appetite.

In my life I was often hurt by the people that by all accounts were supposed to be my protectors and teachers. Instead it became me helping them on many occasions.

Even worse, my help was futile because they were asking me to give their egos something I didn’t have.

Ego is the enemy for the simple fact that it promotes the self over others. And the self, alone, can not satisfy a person. We need others.

After being hurt by my family, I hid away so nobody else could. And in doing so, gave into my own ego just like them.

The harshest truth was learning that a lot of my burden had come self inflicted.

Thanks for showing me these quotes Dan Pedersen. They put into words a lot of the things I couldn’t.