Living Weapons

I got tired of trying to write my own characters, develop them, and etc. I thought that I’d start writing stories with comic book characters who are already mostly developed and develop them even further before I started creating my own characters again.

Everyone who knows me knows that Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger. I’ve always thought his character was cool in the comics, then Matt Fraction’s 2012 run was AMAZING, and I really do like how Jeremy Renner plays him on the screen (though I don’t love that they gave him a family and all that). So all that being said I’ve decided to try my hand at writing a Hawkeye store. I’ve been planning it for a while and I really want it to continue on the themes set forth in Fraction’s comic run, but when doing some research, I found out about “Occupy Avengers” which is going to be Hawkeye and other non powered heroes traveling across the country righting the wrongs of the common man.

I promise the genesis of my idea in my head was prior to my finding out about what will probably be a trainwreck of a comic, but at the same time I’m okay writing a story that is more or less out of cannon and expands even more on my favorite Hawkeye comic run.

So I wanted to run my intro bits by everyone and see if people think it would be something they would read. This is a very very rough, as I wrote it entirely on phone. Also since this is an actual link to the EverNote document it will evolve over time.