​5 Considerations to Make before Shopping for Blinds

The final touch

Dressing your windows is probably the final touch of any interior design project. And when it comes to making a choice on what type of covering suits best your needs, there are different points to consider. Most people naturally think about colour, first, and whether the blinds will match the hue of their walls. This is a fair consideration, because from a design point of view, the right window coverings can contribute tremendously to the overall look of a room, whereas making the wrong choice can negate all the efforts of renovating.

However, a thorough deliberation over other traits, related to practicality, functionality and safety, is as important as color coordination.

Child and Pet safety

Do you have children or are you planning to have any soon? If the answer is “yes”, then switching to cordless shades and blinds is a wise move. The tragic demise, caused by blind cord incidents, of 15 children in Sydney alone, has sadly marked the last decade. Hence, parents are advised to familiarise themselves with the Blind and curtain cords safety alert guide by the ACCC. The same concern goes for pets, as well, therefore, opting for a safer model or ensuring safety during the installing process, with regards to blinds with cords, is a vital consideration.

Easy maintenance

You have installed and secured your new blinds and the room is now complete, cosy and inviting. However, the joy soon subsides, because after about a month, their new and fresh look begins to fade away. Therefore, how easy is to clean our shades, is not a negligible point to consider.

Vertical blinds naturally deter dust buildup, because of their slats’ orientation. This makes them very easy to clean. Moreover, they are generally made of PVC materials, so they can be washed just with water, mixed with a light cleaning agent.

Cellular shades are also some of the most manageable coverings, when it comes to cleaning them. Usually made from anti-static and dust-repelling type of fabric, they probably need the occasional attention. You can use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to free them of any accumulated dust.

Faux Wood Blinds are another perfect choice if you do not want to worry too much about their upkeep. The local professionals advise that to clean these types of blinds, you only need a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution, because they are made of synthetic materials. This model is ideal for high humidity rooms like bathrooms.

Light Control

Blinds are more versatile than curtains, in terms of their design to determine how much light filters through the room. From models that allow you to adjust the vines and operate the slats to blackout window covering designs, depending on your needs, there are heaps of choices on the market.

Wood blinds are a good choice for gently letting the light through, whereas Blackout shades, when drawn down, are ideal for making sure that you do not get that annoying glare on your home entertainment cinema set.

Insulation Enhancement

Whether you want to keep the heat in or ensure that you do not jeopardise the effectiveness of your air conditioning cooling system, the correct choice of window covering plays a key role without a doubt. It is proven that up to a quarter of household energy cost can be ascribed to energy loss through the windows.

Plantation Shutters can be confidently described as the ultimate window insulation devices. Whether they are made from real wood or you have opted to install the vinyl and more affordable version, they will effectively protect your indoor environment and neutralise the effect of the outside elements.

Aluminium blinds are another good choice for insulating well the inside of your home, as well as the Honeycomb shades, which are praised for their durability and energy efficiency.

Window Shape Match

Undoubtedly, it gets slightly harder, when your property is furnished with odd-shape windows. The difficulty, however, is not so much to actually find the right shape blinds and shades that will match your windows’ style and size, but to take the correct measurements of your windows and successfully install the coverings.

Arches draw in and out like a fan to match the semi-circled shape of arch windows. They add quirkiness to the entire room and are easy to maintain.

Circular blinds are also available to cover your trendy porthole bathroom windows.

And to stay on the safe side, experts recommend to call in the professionals to help you with the fitting.