Another Mother’s Day in view or how to celebrate it differently

I am a dad and every year my wife gets the cutest handmade little gifts, crafted by our son, for Mother’s Day, which falls in the autumn in Australia. His presents are as endearing as they can be, considering that the author is a small boy. Now, his mother has a growing collection of beautiful items, starting with a crayon picture of a red rose that looks more like a smeared blob, attached to a brownish leafless stick with thorns, produced when he was three, and finishing with an elaborate wooden box, from last year, decorated and varnished for the jewelry that my wife actually does not own.

Of course, we both love her collection of gifts, which not only acts as a memory lane for her, but also tells a story about our kid’s development stages with regards to crafts and art.

Usually, I get involved in celebrating this special day by cooking a nice meal for the three of us and helping our boy with wrapping his present. (My own mother has long passed away, so I really put the energy to help my son show his love for his mum.)

Right, Mother’s Day, this year is in about a couple of weeks and our son has already started thinking about it. He has been rather anxious of late, because he cannot come up with an idea for the most perfect present for his mum.

The other day, he came to me, almost crying, as he did not want to make something similar to what he had already given to her in previous years. When I offered him some money, so he could buy his mother a small souvenir or something, he became hysterical, because this was not special enough. His logic was that his mum is a grown up and she could buy anything she wanted herself.

I suggested that this time, we should, maybe, celebrate in a different way by filling mum’s day with some wonderful surprises. He felt relieved and excited at the same time. We spent the entire afternoon throwing in various suggestions.

We live in Chatswood, Sydney, so here is our list of ideas for an eventful Mother’s Day that both of us have agreed on:

Mid morning, we are going to the Concourse to see Smart Expressions — a mixed media art exhibition. The artworks are selected from local high schools, it’s free admission and Sunday, the 8th May, is the last day before it’s taken off, so we are not going to miss this! My son loves art, so it will be a great thing to do for the whole family.

Then, we can grab an ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s, which is luckily located at the same centre. There is nothing better than a delicious ice cream, in my opinion, even though it’s not scorching hot outside any more.

Then, my boy suggested we head to the WHS Museum, which is open only on Sundays, anyway. My son has been once, when he was still in primary school, but he does not remember much from the visit. My wife will be especially interested in seeing the rear garden, which has been re-developed.

Later in the afternoon, we could go to one of the local parks and have a late picnic lunch. It will be nice and dry, apparently, so we could easily venture to Lane Cove National Park, which is not far from here. There are plenty of designated picnic areas and the idea is to prepare a surprise deluxe hamper basket for all of us to enjoy.

Our plan is to spend the entire day out of the house, so when we return later in the early evening, my wife gets her biggest surprise. It is, again, my boy’s idea to get some local professional cleaners that day in the house to make the place spotless for his mum. That’s the biggest surprise and it’s our little secret. My wife is usually doing most of the house chores, as she is in part-time employment and has more time than me. It will be such a nice present for her to come back to an immaculate house and we can’t wait to see the expression on her face, when she sees it. It sounds like a good plan!

I hope to inspire others to get some original ideas rolling and mark this year’s Mother’s Day in a very special way.